Ecuador Swing at the end of the world Casa Del arbol

Enjoying the swing is one of the everlasting memories of our childhood and many times we compete with our buddies to swing very fast. Guys, now it’s time to tag your folks who wanna defeat you on ‘swaying a swing’ that to at the end of the world. Yeah, today we are exploring a place where one must have to swing at a high altitude. Wanna partake in this? Let’s have a look at this…

Swing at the end of the world

Take a deep breathe before you swing at ‘The end of the world’, which is cuddled at the edge of the tranquil environment of Banos, Ecuador. Two ropes were suspended from the tree house and those who sway on this swing has to be very careful as there were no safety belts. Actually, this tree house is known as ‘Casa del Arbol‘ and it is used to observe the volcanic eruption of Mt Tungurahua, which is just a few stones away from it.

Casa del Arbol swing

Swaying amidst the lush green steep mountains and active volcano over 2,600 metres approximately above the sea level which will enhance your adrenaline levels and will definitely make your spine chill. It’s one of the impeccable destinations over the earth to compete with your adventure junkies and experience the breathtaking swing at the edge of the mountains. One can also opt for the adventurous hiking trail through the rough terrain of mountains, which take a couple of hours to reach this locale from Banos.

Casa del Arbol swing

Zillions of adventure bees across the world love to add this locale to their tour bucket list and enjoy the lavish nature. And some of the tourists are lucky enough to see the volcanic eruption while they are swaying the swing.

Don’t be panic while you are swinging, the steep slopes may frighten you, the cool breezes may push you back and forth, the natural active volcano is ready to woo you with its massive ashes. Every swing you experience here will scare to death and tells the tales of the dare hearts who captured the audacious moments. After the swing, one can also relish the scrumptious local food in the restaurants which are on the premises. Definitely, at end of the swing, you will clench your teeth and feel amazed to be there.

Guys, what are you waiting for?? Just grab your adventure folks and enjoy the swing at the edge of the world.

(Note: Swing at your own risk…)