Mauritius underwater waterfalls

Most of us love to cherish the beauty of waterfalls and islands. But, have you ever witnessed the beauty of underwater waterfall? If not! add Mauritius to your next trip bucket list. Mauritius is one of the most beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean and it is the place where one can capture the amazing vistas of the underwater waterfall. For more info about the nature miracle please give a quick scroll down.

Underwater Waterfall!

In the mid of Mauritius, there exists an amazing locale which agape (pull) the eyeballs of the visitors. But, firstly we want to clear that really it is not a waterfall and its all about a rare phenomenon. It is one of the nature miracles and a great place to the science lovers who try to chase the mysteries in nature. The picturesque looks of Underwater waterfall made everyone to thought it’s a real waterfall. But when you came to know its all about phenomena happens in the ocean, definitely you will be amazed. It appears like a beautiful painting brushed up by mother nature.

What’s the Reason For Underwater Waterfall

This natural optical illusion happens due to a local sand and soil deposits which flows through the island and changes the colour of water. Once this locale was affected by volcanic eruptions under the sea and forms islands. Now the place which exhibits the rare phenomena is a sea shelf which has its edge deeper into the ocean. Actually, whats happening here is the ocean currents take away the sand from Mauritius beaches. Later these sand and soil deposits are pulled off by the sea shelf. Therefore, it appears that water itself is gushing into the under the ocean but it all goes with the sand.

To capture the best vistas of this optical illusion give a go with helicopter rides which render perfect moments. If you are a daredevil, then experience the swimming over the underwater waterfall. To enjoy the beauty of marine life then go for snorkelling. The beauty of coral reefs under the ocean astound the divers with unique aquatic species. Crowds of visitors throng to Mauritius to enjoy the rare and beautiful phenomena of nature. There are numerous accommodation facilities available at Mauritius which provides a perfect view of the ocean.