Glass Beach California

The earth is an abode of magnificent and miraculous places where some destinations are created by the nature itself and whereas some landscapes are artificially made by human brains. But in the name of travel and tourism, we humans tend to exploit the environment by throwing all the waste materials. And this happened in a village in California where a pristine beach is used by the locals to dump wastage. But the merciful nature turned the sea wastage into glitters and today this is enchanting everyone.

Can’t believe?? Just go through the article and you’ll be mesmerised by knowing about the evolution of a very rare beach, i.e.., Glass Beach of California.

Fort Bragg Glass Beach…

Glass Beach California

Glass beach is one of the unique beaches in the world which is nestled in the heart of Fort Bragg, California. This beautiful beach glistens with numerous multi-hued stones which appear like blue sapphires, red rubies and other gems. Many tourists visit this enchanting destination to spend their quality time. Visitors can’t stop themselves from singing praises of this spelndorous beach.

Put A Few Steps Into The past…

In the early 20th century, the locals of the Fort Bragg used to dump the waste materials in this place. They even used to lit the garbage to reduce the wastage and later in the year 1967, the government of California passed strict rules to ban the dumping of wastage. After that many clean up programmes have been conducted to tidy up the beach. The wastage mainly included glass bottles, car lights and other things. Due to the wave tumbling, the glass materials have turned into glistening stones.

Tourist Hub…

Glass Beach California

Later in the year 2002, the California department of parks and recreation took over this beach and linked it up with MacKerricher State Park. The vibrant and sparkling stones on the seashore grabs many hearts of nature aficionados and researchers. It’s a pleasure trip to walk on barefoot over the smooth glass stones amid the cool breezes which traverse over the crystal clear waters. But, as a curse, many tourists and visitors pillaged the colourful stones.

Many tourists visit this place to enjoy in this beauteous beach and many enthusiasts experience the scuba diving in this coral land. Visitors can take lots and lots of snapshots but collecting the stones is restricted.

Guys, we hope you enjoyed a lot, plan a tour with your buddies to catch a glimpse of the splendorous vistas of the pristine glistening seashore.