Can any nation forget the greatness of a leader who fought for the well-being of the people and the development of the country? Obviously, No… To mark their reminiscence numerous statues of various leaders were built in every corner. And the people of United Nations Of America also follows this rule of constructing the statues of eminent personalities say the ‘Presidents’ who contribute for the upliftment of the nation.

Wish to see the carvings of the great leaders of the USA? Mount Rushmore is the place where one can catch a glimpse of the renowned leaders. Wanna know who are they? Then, just give a quick scroll down…

Mount Rushmore Aka President’s Mountain

Mount Rushmore USA

Mount Rushmore National Memorial aka president’s mountain is nestled royally in the heart of Black Hills of South Dakota and this construction is more than 75 years old. This monumental sculpture carved magnificently over the face of Black hills to honor the great leaders of United States Of America.

Doane Robinson wished to build a construction which would surely attract the visitors and thus in the year 1923 a mammoth sculpture, Mount Rushmore came into existence. The final work started in the year 1927 and the sculptor Gutzon Borglum’s hands created the miracle with the help of 400 workers. First, he liked to carve the famous Western heroes but later he decided to carve the faces of the four presidents who governed the USA i.e., George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Mount Rushmore

It took more than 14 years to complete this monument and it costs circa one million US Dollars. Actually, the sculptors designed to carve the full-length images of the presidents but due to the scarcity of money, the builders molded only the face part.

Mount Rushmore

Have you ever imagined how much will be the height of each carving? It is 60-feet height which nearly equals to the height of a six-storey building. This national park grabs tens of thousands of tourists every year and the government carefully monitors the monument to find out the cracks over it and protects it.

Places To See Nearby

Visitors can also spend their quality time in nearby spectacular places like…

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Entry Fee

Entry into this national memorial is free of cost and one has to pay only for parking. The park is opened throughout the year.

How To Reach ?

Rapid City Regional airport is the nearest one to reach this locale which is just 35 miles away from the memorial and it lies on the National Highway 44. One can also avail the private rental cars or tour facilities from Rapid City. Don’t forget that there is no public transport to reach this place.

Not only the aforesaid but there are many more to give a look at. So, guys never give a miss to this national memorial when you are in Dakota tour.