Rain Predicting Temple Uttar Pradesh

Baffled by the title? Of course, who wouldn’t be? Until now, we’ve seen myriad temples that can predict various aspects of human life, such as the end of the Kaliyuga, and many more, right? Yes.

But have you ever pondered that there is a temple which predicts how the monsoon will be in the coming year? Not yet? To your surprise, there is a temple that guides farmers about the rainfall, nestled in our own country. Want to visit this temple? Then give a quick scroll down to know more about it.

Jagannath Mandir, also known as the ‘Rain Temple,’ is nestled in the heart of tranquil Behta village, Uttar Pradesh. Firstly, the peculiar architecture of the temple awestrucks every visitor with its magnificent and unique dome architecture.

One can catch a glimpse of the black-stoned idols of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, and goddess Subhadra in the inner sanctum sanctorum. Here, Lord Jagannath is worshipped in the name of Baba Jagannath. Myriads of devotees throng to this temple to view the ‘Ratha Yatra’ ritual, which happens on the same day as the Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra, Odisha.

The Mysterious Prediction

Rain Predicting Temple UP

The temple is mainly famous for its unique and mysterious rainfall prediction. A plethora of farmers across the state mob to this destination to learn about how the monsoon will be for the year. Yes, according to local beliefs, the temple tells the exact prediction of rainfall and how much of it there will be.

If the ceiling in the sanctum gets wet, then there will be rains, and it also tells how much it is going to rain. If heavy water droplets fall from the ceiling, then that year will give good rains. If it observes small droplets, then it is referred to as a bad monsoon. Based on this prediction, farmers begin their farming work and plan accordingly. Many scientists and research scholars have worked on this temple but failed to find out the mystery. Now, this temple is under the protection of the ‘Archaeological Survey of India,’ and many measures are in progress to save this centuries-old strange temple.

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pic Credit: Kanpurnagar