Diamonds hunt destination Andhra Pradesh

The drizzles of monsoon not only soothe but also help you earn tens of thousands of dollars, my dears. Confused? It may sound a bit strange, but believe us, there are a few destinations where you can hunt for diamonds. Yes, you heard it right! It’s Diamond Hunt. There are regions in Andhra Pradesh that are grounds for diamond hunting. Want to know about this interesting locale? Then why wait? Just follow the write-up and plan your hunt to grab these precious stones.

Farmers wait for monsoons as it is the best season for cultivating various crops, isn’t it? Yes, but the harvesters in some districts of Andhra Pradesh, like Anantapur and Kurnool, plow their lands for diamonds. When monsoon hits these places, the villagers and enthusiastic folks from different areas start their quest for diamonds.

Diamond Hunt Destination: Andhra Pradesh

Diamond hunt destination

Diamonds are the most precious crystal rocks formed in the cores of the earth. Many believe that the regions between the borders of Kurnool and Anantapur are rich in diamonds. When the rain washes away the layers of the fields in various parts of Jonnagiri, Tuggali, Vajrakarur, and Pathikonda, there is a high chance of finding diamonds.

At the crack of dawn, the treasure hunters start their quest in the fields, shoveling soil until sunset to change their destiny. They gather all the shiny stones and eagerly hope that there may be a stone that lights up their life. They pour all the glitters in front of the diamond merchants and anxiously wait for their evaluation.

According to lore, during the reign of the Vijayanagara emperors, diamonds were poured on the streets for selling. People believe that the diamonds are still beneath the earth. To everyone’s surprise, the Mines and Geology Department of India has also confirmed the existence of a Kimberlite pipeline under the earth, which is the main source of diamonds.

Is finding a diamond an easy task, my dears? Obviously, no. It all depends on your luck and the time spent searching. Many foreign companies are excavating these areas by leasing them to find the treasure. The diamond hunt continues until the monsoon ends, and the diamond hunter’s luck depends on the rain. If it rains more, their chances of finding diamonds may increase.

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