Malarikkal Kerala

Kerala, a land of emerald hills, tranquil backwaters, and sun-kissed beaches, has long been a traveler’s haven. Yet, amidst its well-trodden paths, there lies a secret, a hidden gem that whispers tales of nature’s artistry. It is Malarikkal, a quaint hamlet nestled in the heart of Kottayam, where the mundane surrenders to the extraordinary.

Each September and October, Malarikkal transforms into a canvas painted with hues of pink and white, a spectacle that rivals the most exquisite masterpieces. Six hundred and fifty acres of paddy fields, once a haven for rice cultivation, now bear witness to a floral symphony.

Lotus flowers, their petals like goblets of moonlight, stand tall and proud, their golden hearts radiating serenity. Water lilies, their delicate faces mirroring the sky’s azure expanse, unfurl themselves gracefully, their pink and white blossoms dancing in the gentle breeze.

While Kochi, Alleppey, Trivandrum, and Munnar bask in the spotlight, Malarikkal remains a hidden treasure, its beauty known only to a fortunate few. For over a decade, locals have cherished this spectacle, their hearts filled with joy at the sight of nature’s artistry.

Malarikkal Water Lilly Festival

Malarikkal Kerala Lotus Pond
Then came the advent of social media, a powerful tool that unveiled Malarikkal’s secrets to the world. Photographs, captured by awestruck visitors, spread like wildfire, igniting a yearning among travelers to experience this floral paradise.

Today, Malarikkal welcomes visitors with open arms, inviting them to embark on a journey into its floral realm. For a mere INR 100, one can glide through the flooded fields in a small boat, surrounded by a sea of pink and white.

But trespassing is forbidden, for these fields are not merely a tourist attraction; they are a testament to the delicate balance between man and nature. The locals, guardians of this floral treasure, ensure that its beauty remains pristine, untouched by the careless hands of those who fail to appreciate its fragility.

The best time to witness Malarikkal’s splendor is at sunrise, when the first rays of dawn gently awaken the flowers. As the sun’s golden fingers caress the petals, a magical transformation occurs. The lilies unfurl fully, their colors intensifying, their fragrance filling the air with an intoxicating sweetness.

Kerala Lotus Pond

In this ethereal moment, time seems to stand still, and the world around fades away. Only the gentle lapping of water against the boat, the chirping of birds, and the intoxicating fragrance of the lilies fill the senses, creating a symphony of nature’s artistry.

Malarikkal is not just a place to admire flowers; it is an invitation to commune with nature, to slow down and appreciate the simple beauty that surrounds us. It is a place to let go of worries, to breathe in the fresh air, and to feel the tranquility that pervades the atmosphere.

So, if you seek an offbeat adventure in Kerala, a journey into the heart of nature’s artistry, Malarikkal awaits with open arms. Come, witness the floral symphony that unfolds each September and October, and let the beauty of nature transport you to a realm of serenity and wonder.