Solo Treks Nepal

Starting April 1, Nepal will enforce a new regulation prohibiting solo or independent trekkers from embarking on treks without the assistance of a guide. A senior official from the Nepal Tourism Board made the announcement. The spokesperson for the board, Mani Raj Lamichhane, confirmed that it is now mandatory for foreign trekkers travelling alone to engage a guide to ensure their safety.

Lamichhane also shared that the board receives reports of 40 to 50 cases each year of trekkers losing contact during treks. This has led to a perception that Nepal is not a secure destination for trekkers. The board made this decision to promote organized trekking in Nepal and to create more employment opportunities.

Free and independent trekkers prefer to plan their own trips and travel without the aid of trekking agencies. These cost-conscious travelers will be impacted the most by this decision. According to Lamichhane, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism board permitted more than 46,000 solo foreign trekkers in 2019.

Since 2012, the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal has been pushing for a one-trekker, one-guide policy.