Amarnath Lord Shiva Lingam

Amarnath, a winsome destination where Lord Shiva revealed the immortal secrets to goddess Parvati. Pleasant breezes and drops of magical ice in and around the holy cave of Amarnath narrate the great tales about Lord Shiva. Every year in the months of July to August, hundreds of devotees make a beeline to Amarnath Cave to seek the blessings from Lord Shiva which is in the form of ice Shiva Linga. Now, it’s time for pilgrims to capture the beautiful and rare views of Bholenath amidst the snow-adorned mountains. We Touringwala have come up with a write-up about Amarnath Yatra, Let’s have a look.

Why Lord Shiva Chose Amarnath Cave

Amarnath Lord Shiva Lingam

According to mythology, once, goddess Parvathi asked Lord Shiva about the secret of immortal. Lord Shiva said then you must have to listen to the Amar Katha, for which she agreed to listen. Lord Shiva decided to take her to a place where there is no existence of living beings while he preaching about immortal and thus he chose Amarnath Cave. Except for Ma Parvathi, no one should listen, Amar Katha, therefore Lord Shiva left Nandi, the vehicle of Shiva at Pahalgam, the moon at Chandanwari, and snakes on the banks of Lake Sheshnag. At Mahagunas parvat he left Lord Ganesha, at Panjtarni he left all nature elements like air, earth, water, sky and fire. Later, Lord Shiva enters into Amarnath Cave along with goddess Parvati. He created Kalagni and ordered to spread around to remove all living beings. While Lord Shiva teaching about immortality, a pair of pigeons listened to the story and became immortal.

Amarnath Cave

Amarnath Lord Shiva Lingam

One of the most revered destinations for Hindu devotees and especially the ardent followers of Lord Shiva. Located at the edge of Lidder Valley, Amarnath cave witnesses huge visitors in the months of July-August. The naturally formed ice Shiva lingam will grow and decrease according to the moon cycle. Tens of thousands of devotees throng to this locale to capture the rare ice Shiva Linga. Devotees believe that a visit to this cave will render ‘moksha’, therefore, pilgrims desire to visit this cave at least once in their lifetime. One can also witness two ice formations besides ice Shiva ling which devotees believe are Mother Parvati and Lord Ganesh.

The mighty Himalayas, cascading streams, vagrant breezes, treacherous trails and many more made Amarnath Yatra memorable to everyone. To visit the cave one needs to register at Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board. Those who are not able to walk can avail of pony, dole and helicopter facilities with charges.

Who Discovered Amarnath Cave?

Many Hindu Puranas reveal the existence of the holy Amarnath Cave. But, there is a popular legend about the re-discovery of the holy cave. Once a saint gave a bag of coal to a cow shepherd named Batu Malik. After reaching the home, Batu Malik opened the bag and was surprised to see that the bag was full of gold. He ran towards the saint, but he disappeared, incidentally, he discovered the holy cave and ice Shiva linga and later he revealed his discovery to the villagers. Since then, it has become a popular holy shrine.

How To Reach?

Amarnath Lord Shiva Lingam

Devotees can access Amarnath Cave through two routes: Pahalgam and Baltal. The preferred route starts from Srinagar, where pilgrims hire a vehicle to reach Baltal via Sonmarg. The Baltal to Amarnath Cave route covers a treacherous 14-kilometre stretch.

Alternatively, pilgrims can reach Pahalgam, about 300 kilometres from Jammu, by taxi or bus. A night’s stay at the base camp is necessary before embarking on the journey. Numerous minibuses operate from Pahalgam to the Chandanwari stop, 16 kilometres away. From Chandanwari, a challenging trek to Pissu Top, Sheshnag, Panchtarani, and finally the holy cave awaits.

Two Routes To Reach Amarnath Cave

Pahalgam – Chandanwari -Pissu Top – Sheshnag – Panchtarni – Amarnath Cave

Jammu – Baltal- Domali – Barari – Amarnath Cave

pc: Shri Amarnath Ji Board