Tamhini Ghat Maharashtra Monsoon

The long Monsoon is here with us, making it a great time to indulge in the beauty of nature. Monsoon is the perfect time to cherish the true essence of Indian destinations: lush woods, hill stations, gushing waterfalls, misty breezes, and wisps of clouds that entice everyone to break away from their mundane lifestyles. Nature comes alive during the monsoon, and Tamhini Ghat in Maharashtra is a splendid spot to immerse oneself in the monsoon drizzles. Let’s explore why Tamhini Ghat is the perfect destination for a monsoon weekend getaway.

Tamhini Ghat – A Land of Clouds and Waterfalls

Tamhini Ghat Maharashta

Hit the roads of Maharashtra amidst the pleasant Indian monsoon weather, which pours pristine waters over the earth’s surface. Hundreds of nature aficionados kickstart their journey and head towards Tamhini Ghat to capture the most beautiful scenic vistas of the Western Ghats. Located in the mid of Mulshi and Tamhini, Tamhini Ghat is one of the most popular hill stations in Maharashtra. This enchanting mountain pass, situated just nearly 53 km away from Pune, is considered a land of diversity, fascinating visitors with the different species of flora and fauna, especially avifauna of the Western Ghats. A bike trip to this heavenly hill station will bring immense pleasure and unforgettable moments for the riders.

Tamhini Ghat

The real beauty doesn’t lie in the destination but in the journey itself, turning every moment into a precious one. Words fall short in narrating the beautiful experience of this journey; it must be experienced firsthand. Besides the beauty of nature and the monsoon, the untouched charm of villages and their innocent smiles make the trip even more memorable. The route through the ghat welcomes visitors with gushing waterfalls, thick woods, and the long-stretched Sahyadri mountains.

Stride along the beautiful gorge and listen to the symphony of misty breezes passing through waterfalls and blossoms. Every fall from the mountain turns into a stream that flows towards the river Kundalika, the main source of Bhira dam. The mountains are crowned with descending clouds that float from one place to another, seemingly monitoring nature. What more could one expect from a place?

Backwaters of Mulshi Lake

Tamhini Ghat

A must-visit destination near Tamhini Ghat is the Backwaters of Mulshi Lake. Take a leisurely walk with your beloved one across the backwaters of Lake Mulshi, and the majestic nature of the locale provides the perfect venue to express your love and beautiful thoughts. The flora and fauna of the area will enhance the joy of your monsoon trip. If you are lucky enough, you may witness the monsoon drizzles, and no one will resist drenching under the showers. Winter is the perfect time to take part in canoeing. Every turn of this verdant nature compelled us to stop the vehicle and capture the beauty through our lenses; it is an impeccable destination for a photo shoot.

Is Tamhini Ghat A Haunted Place?

According to many local legends, the way through Tamhini Ghat is haunted by ghosts. People believe that there are many ghosts that exist in Tamhini Ghat due to several murders and accidents that have taken place in this area. If you believe in ghosts, it is advisable to avoid night journeys in this area, especially during the monsoon, as the roads can be narrow and slippery.

Where To Stay and Eat?

Numerous dhabas and private hotels are available throughout the Ghat road, enticing visitors with special dishes and accommodations.

At the end of the trip, the beauty of Tamhini Ghat will take your breath away with its pristine waterfalls and lush nature.

(pic courtesy: Maharashtra Tourism)