Hayat Bakhi Begum Mosque

Hyderabad, the brainchild of Qutb Shahi ruler Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, is a perfect destination to cherish the true essence of the communal harmony of the nation. This 400-year-old city enchants the visitors with a plethora of historical monuments, mausoleums, spiritual shrines and many more. Ramadan is the best time to explore the beauty of this pearl city. During this auspicious time, give a go to capture the ancient monuments of the city which recites the great tales about the rulers of Hyderabad.

We Touringwala brings an exemplary locale Hayat Bakshi Mosque of Hyderabad which was built by Ma Saheba of Hyderabad ‘Hayat Bakshi Begum’, the only daughter of Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, the founder of Hyderabad.

Who Was Hayat Bakshi Begum ?

According to the historical legends, Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah fell in love with the charming lady Bhagmati and got married. After a decade, the royal couple was blessed with only daughter and they named her as Hayat Bakshi. Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah wanted her daughter to be his successor. Therefore she was married to Sultan Muhammad, one of the great rulers of Qutb Shah dynasty. Hayat Bakshi helped Sultan in various matters and thus he admires her a lot. This couple was blessed with Abdullah Qutb Shah, who lost her father in an early age and thus he became the king after his father’s demise.

Hayat Bakshi ruled the kingdom until Abdullah reached the age of 18, she became Ma Saheba to the kingdom. Now, the famous Masab Tank (Ma Saheba), is named after her. She was a great lady and was a dearest daughter, a lovely wife to Sultan Muhammad and is also a responsible mother to Abdullah Qutb Shah. She played a vital role in Qutb Shahi dynasty.

Historical Legend…

Years ago, during the childhood of Abdul Qutb Shah, he was met with an accident where he was taken by an elephant to the woods. Worried Hayat Bakshi prayed to Allah and promised to build a mosque if her son returns. One fine day, an elder man brought the prince along with the elephant. To commemorate this miraculous incident and as an honour to the almighty, Hayat Bakshi Begum built a beautiful mosque at Hayat Nagar. It is said that the elephant also resided on the premises of the mosque.

Exquisite Qutb Shah Architecture..

Hayat Bakshi mosque, nestled just a few stones away from the heart of Hyderabad, Hayat Nagar, which is named after Hayat Bakshi. It is one of the astounding architectures that resonate the great craftsman skills of Qutb Shahi period. Constructed on an elevated platform with the finest granite, the two minarets connected with five arches, and above the arches the miniature floral carvings, stucco works and small minars with finest carvings make everyone to praise the skills of that period. Inside the prayer hall, one can capture the beautiful flower carvings, arches and unique designs over the ceiling of the floor. It is an impeccable pilgrim destination to experience the tranquility and exemplary architectural skills of Qutb Shah period.

The mosque is surrounded by a wall with Sarai, a rest house which consists of 133 rooms and they were meant for the weary travellers. The simple designs and the unique architecture of Sarai fascinate the visitors. This mosque was listed as INTACH heritage.

Another intriguing spot of this locale is Hathi Bowli which means elephant’s well. Yeah, there exists a beautiful step-well on the premises of the mosque which was built by Hayat Bakshi. Long back this well was used to supply water to the people and for the animals, a mob of elephants were used to pull the water and to fill the water tanks.

Efforts Of Telangana Government

Unfortunately, this stupendous Qutb Shah architectural mosque was not greatly explored. The inflow of tourists to this place is very less. To bring its architecture and historical legacy to the fore, the State Department of Archaeology and Museums is working eminently to renovate the mosque. Now, it regained its past glory with the efforts of Telangana government. It is the best place for the historical buffs to know more about the Qutb Shahi kings.

Never give a miss to visit the tomb of Hayat Bakshi Begum, Ma Saheba on the premises of Qutb Shah Tombs Complex, near Golconda.

A visit to Hayat Bakshi mosque during this auspicious Ramadan month will render amazing moments to everyone.

(Pic Courtesy: Telangana Heritage website)