Atukal Pongala Festival

Have you heard of a temple in Kerala that is well-known as the Sabarimala for women? If not, let me introduce you to the Attukal Bhagavathy temple, which is located in Thiruvananthapuram and is dedicated to the goddess Kannaki, also known as Bhadrakali. Legend has it that Attukkala Devi is an incarnation of Bhadrakali, born from the third eye of Lord Shiva to defeat the demon king, Daruka.

Attukal Bhagavathy Temple

The temple’s architecture is stunning, featuring exquisite carvings in both Kerala and Tamil Nadu styles. Visitors can admire various incarnations of the mother goddess and the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, as well as the two main idols in the inner sanctum and beautifully adorned gopuras.

Attukal Pongala Festival

The Attukal Pongala festival, celebrated at the Bhagavathy temple, is world-famous as the largest women-only religious gathering and has even been recorded in the Guinness World Records. Every year, millions of devotees flock to the temple in February or March to participate in the ten-day celebrations and offer Attukal Pongala to goddess Kannaki. It is believed that offering Pongala to the mother goddess fulfils wishes and brings prosperity.

If you’re in Kerala, make sure to visit this temple, which is only two kilometers away from the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple.